Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Building Blocks Quilt-a-long

We recently relocated from North Texas to Central Texas, and had to say goodbye to many friends.

This project evolved from a need to stay in touch with one of them. My friend and I decided that we would both teach ourselves to free motion quilt. Our guidance was from Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt pattern and videos.

We did most of it long distance after synchronizing our start in the spring of 2015. We both worked on the same block sets at the same time. We texted our progress shots and woes back and forth.

Finally, we both had all our blocks quilted and we decided on a mini quilting retreat in Augus to assemble the quilts. We scheduled a long weekend where she came to visit with her machine in tow. We instructed our spouses to entertain themselves while we sewed and sewed.

Neither of us quite finished that weekend, but we both finished our quilts in the following couple of weeks.

This was a wonderful project to keep my friend and I close. We both learned a lot and we want to do another project Ike this soon.