Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Sweater for Izzy the Iggy

I planned no knitted gifts for Christmas 2008. However, the best laid plans don't always work out.

The Monday before Christmas, my daughter called me and during the conversation told me that her Italian Greyhound, Izzy, was cold and in desperate need of a Christmas sweater, because ALL of her Doggy Friends had Christmas Sweaters, and Izzy needed to keep up with the in crowd.

When she got Izzy last spring, I knitted her a blue sweater, but the need was for a RED one for the Holidays.

Well, what is a Mom to do when confronted with a need like this? Of course, off to Michael's I went in search of Christmas Red yarn. I bought a skein of Red Lion Brand Wool Ease for the body, and used some off white Wool Ease in my stash for the collar. I used size 6 needles. I started it on Tuesday, and did not finish it until Christmas Day, but if Izzy was disappointed, she never let on.

I used the same sweater pattern as last spring the Italian Greyhound Sweater Pattern that was posted by an Iggy owner some time ago. The original website is gone, however the pattern has been made available in an archive. I just hope it does not go away. It is truly a nice pattern, even though it is brief and has no illustrations.

This little pattern is simple 1x1 rib and fits an IG well - which is not true of most dog sweaters and this breed. The ribbing stretches easily to allow the sweater to be taken on and off without stressing the dog, and it also does not bag.

I would love to develop a machine knitted pattern, but this pattern is one that does not directly translate to the machine. You begin it at the collar and knit it to the tail in one piece. I took the time to draw a schematic this time that I can use to develop a machine knit - but it will have to be in pieces and then sewn together.

Izzy no longer has to hang her head in shame. She is as festive as her friends! The crisis has been averted!


TracyKM said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! The 'tips' about setting in a sleeve instead of drop shoulder was either from an Ample Knitter's group, or the Yahoo Knitting Machines group. When I've done it, I keep the top of the sleeve straight, like a drop shoulder, but because it's set into the body instead of on the body seam, it takes away a lot of bulk. I have once, I think, shortrowed the sleeve top as I worked from the shoulder down, on the machine. Sort of set in, sort of just shaped, LOL.
The 'rule' about thirds is I think called the "Golden Ratio". It's used frequently in fashion design, architecture, photography, and other designing. Most things in life look better when divided into three.
That's a smart looking dog in the sweater!

dre said...

Izzy still loves her sweater. it was the only thing that got her through christmas (with no heat) last year! It's almost time to get it out again!

erin said...

I've been using this pattern for years for my IG as well! I made her a red one a few years ago, and even added some cable knitting... it's a great pattern.